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The Malta Classic Car Collection in Qawra has been founded by Mr. Carol Galea and was brought up to educate, entertain and to create awareness about the history of the automotive industry.

The museum’s premises was designed with safety and accessibility in mind so every visitor could enjoy with peace of mind, irrespective of their age, status and physical capabilities especially the case for children, people with disabilities and the elderly, whose freedom of movement may be considerably restricted.

The Classic Car Museum’s entrance is situated slightly lower than the street level, accessible through a 5-step staircase and a wheelchair friendly ramp leading to a terrace with the entrance for the ‘Dolce Sicilia’ Cafeteria with disabled access Restroom facilities. The Cafeteria offers Sicilian style coffee’s and sweets while also serving warm snacks and an ‘A'La Carte’ food menu. Next door to the cafeteria you will find the museum’s reception where
you can purchase your Entrance Ticket. The museum is based below the reception and is accessible through one flight of stairs and a ‘wheelchair’ friendly Lift. The museum’s footprint is approximately 3000Sqm and is divided on 2 floors, both accessible through stairs and lift. On the first floor one will find the entrance access gates, the management office, a gift shop, a wide collection of Classic Cars, Memorabilia, multiple TV screens showing automotive features, Restrooms (only accessible through a 5-step staircase) and an enclosed Cinema. On the second floor one will continue to see Classic Cars, Memorabilia and an open Cinema.

One should allow at least 90 minutes to go around the museum.

Staff members are on hand throughout the facilities should you require any assistance.
If you have any queries or require any assistance please call on (+356) 21578885 or email on

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