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In Loving Memory of
Carol Galea
28.03.1950 - 07.06.2021


UPDATE ! 16.06.2022


Mon to Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm
Saturday & Sunday 9.00am - 2.00pm 


Now Also Open on SUNDAYS

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Classic Car & Motorcycle Museum with over 100 exhibits on show


We do our own restorations on site in our live workshop


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The Museum

These are the sensations that run through you when you are passionate about cars. And at the Malta Classic Car Museum, we are absolutely head over heels in love.

Although many cars inspire us, there are some classic cars that simply set your heart racing and your blood pumping like fuel flowing through a V8 engine. These classics, art given shape in steel and chrome, range from T-Birds to Spitfires and Fiats to Fords. They encompass the iconic look and feel of motoring and we have a vast selection spread over 3,000 square metres of museum.

The cars have been restored to a pristine condition, looking like they have just rolled off the production line. As you stroll around the Malta Classic Car Museum, it feels as if you are walking back through time and revisiting the golden eras of motoring.

To really take you back in time we have also decked out the museum with a collection of antiques and memorabilia from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Gramophones, antique television sets, jukeboxes and even the fashions of yesteryear all frame our collection and help put it in context.

The engine is running and the road is clear, so jump on in and take a trip with us down memory lane.


Monday to Friday- 9.00am till 5.00pm 

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays - 9.00am till 2.00pm


ENTRANCE FEE - Adults €10.00 & Children €4.50

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The Museum


The Classic Car Collection was the brainchild of obsessive petrol-head Mr. Carol Galea, an avid and self-confessed car enthusiast. He first began customising and building his own cars for local hill climbing races and prospeedparts products but his hobby evolved into a full-blown passion for classic cars.


This is his personal tribute to the automobile industry – or as he used to put it – it’s a ‘living and growing collection that spans more than 50 years of motor manufacturing’

The museum has a huge variety of cars, ranging from Jaguar E Type to a 1972 Fiat 500F. They have all been carefully restored and lovingly preserved.

There is a wealth of information contained inside our walls: dates, variants, production runs and even a little history about how some of the models came into our collection. We believe that every car tells a story and the ones inside the Malta Classic Car Museum certainly have a lot to say.

Mr. Carol Galea


Classic cars are rarely found in pristine condition. Often they are abandoned and neglected, sometimes left to rot in an old barn or abandoned in a forgotten corner of a field. Rather than being a king of the road, these classic cars sometimes become home for nesting birds or even mice.

We have a fantastic diorama set up to show the poor state that we often find classic cars in, enabling us to make people aware of the lengths that we go to restore these old vehicles to the showroom quality you see in the museum.

Whenever we find classic cars in this state we do not see a rusty pile of junk. Instead, we can see an automotive work of art that desperately needs a little loving care to shine once again. Thus the Malta Classic Car Museum has extensive renovation facilities, although only light restoration work is conducted on the museum premises itself.





Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm

​​Saturday & Sunday: 9.00am - 2.00pm

Public Holidays: 9.00am - 2.00pm​

Entrance Fee - €10.00 Adult & €4.50 Children

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