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Vintage Car

Y.O.M. - 1926

Engine CC - 2687cc

No. of Cylinders - 6

Grade -  5 out of 5

Exterior Colour - Black/Grey

Interior Colour - Beige

Milage - ........... Miles

PRICE - €48,000

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The Rolls-Royce Twenty built between 1922 and 1929 was Rolls-Royce's "small car" for the 1920s and was produced alongside the 40/50 Silver Ghost and the successor to the 40/50, the Phantom. It was intended to appeal to owner-drivers but many were sold to customers with chauffeurs.

This model underwent an full Nut'n Bolt restoration and is really an amazing looking car. The detail in this car really shows that the Rolls Royce company wanted to concur the automotive world.

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