Classic cars are rarely found in pristine condition. Often they are abandoned and neglected, sometimes left to rot in an old barn or abandoned in a forgotten corner of a field. Rather than being a king of the road, these classic cars sometimes become home for nesting birds or even mice.

We have a fantastic diorama set up to show the poor state that we often find classic cars in, enabling us to make people aware of the lengths that we go to restore these old vehicles to the showroom quality you see in the museum.

Whenever we find classic cars in this state we do not see a rusty pile of junk. Instead, we can see an automotive work of art that desperately needs a little loving care to shine once again. Thus the Malta Classic Car Museum has extensive renovation facilities, although only light restoration work is conducted on the museum premises itself.

Come on over and watch us bring these classic automobiles back to life and restore them to their former glory. And if you do know of a vehicle that desperately needs someone to breathe new life into it, please contact us and let us know.

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Triumph TR3